Week 5 Rebellion Quests | Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Guide

It’s now time for the fifth week of Rebellion Challenges. In this case, in this article we will come back to all the Rebellion challenges concerning the Week 5 of Season 2 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

How do I complete the Week 5 Rebellion quests?

In order to help you as much as possible, we have decided to arrange the missions to be accomplished by stage and in chronological order of obtaining them. You should know that, each stage will grant you 23,000 EXP. Here is the list of Rebellion challenges for this fifth week of this Season 2 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

Link to the device near the Buried Headquarters, Fortress, or Loot Lake

  • Location : Near the Buried Headquarters, Fortress, or Loot Lake

For this week, you will have to start again by going near a hologram in order to receive your next mission. To do this, you must go in the direction of Loot Lake, the Fortress, or the Buried General Staff.

  • Location : Buried Headquarters, Fortress, or Troop Sending Depot

Your mission is to place snitches at three specific locations. You must place one at the Buried Headquarters, another at the Fortress, and a final one at the notable location, Troop Dispatch Depot, present east of Loot Lake.

Link to the device near the Daily Debris

  • Location : Near the Daily Debris

For this second step, you must once again move to a holographic device to receive your new order. This time you have to surrender far east of the island near the IO Airship Wreckage which overlooked the sky from the Daily Bugle.

  • Location : Debris from the Daily

Your new order is to obtain a mysterious data disk. In fact, go to the remains of the airship of the dream institute which is in the water all east of the Daily Buglein order to retrieve it.

Link to the device near the Sanctuary

  • Location : Near the Sanctuary

Third stage of challenges, and you must once again establish a link with a holographic device. For this step, you must leave towards the Sanctuary to get your next mission.

  • Location : Near the Sanctuary

Your mission, if you accept it, is to establish a direct link with the Paradigm. Thus, you must go near the Sanctuary to find a relay and activate it to complete your challenges.

Link to the device near a Seven Outpost

  • Location : Outpost of the Seven

Last step for this fifth week, and you need to go near an outpost of the Seven in order to activate a new hologram to receive your final mission, which is to mark weapons of four different rarity levels.

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