Umbrella Academy: what we know about season 4

“I already know what season 4 will be about,” tease showrunner Steve Blackman.

While season 3 ofUmbrella Academy has been fully available on Netflix for a few days, fans already want to see Five and his family again in a season 4.

Except that it hasn’t been ordered by Netflix yet. Worrying? No, because we can’t imagine Netflix suddenly stopping one of its most popular series, without announcing the end beforehand.

Moreover, the showrunner Steve Blackman announces to ScreenRant not having finished: “All I can say is that I already know what Season 4 will be about. But we haven’t been renewed yet. Fingers crossed, we hope Netflix will order the sequel, but we will have to wait and see like everyone else.”

Umbrella Academy: “We are very proud” of Viktor’s transition in season 3

The first feedback is very good. Season 3 ofUmbrella Academy is very solid and should therefore land a sequel without difficulty.

Especially since the comics continue. the Volume 4: Sparrow Academy, is under development but no date has yet been communicated (at Delcourt in France). Anyway, as its name suggests, the story of season 3 of the Netflix show already takes up that of the Sparrow Academy mixed with that of Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion.

“I think the show will probably end before the comics for a variety of reasons” resumes Steve Blackman. “The first is that the comics take a little longer, depending on the schedules of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. They’re both very famous people so they work at a different pace. I would like to have many, many more seasons ofUmbrella Academy, but I have an ending in mind that I would like to end on. Obviously we want Gerard’s blessing, Gabriel’s blessing, but I think they’re going to go further than we ever could, in terms of a TV series.”

It remains to be seen whether season 4 ofUmbrella Academy will be the last. And when it comes out… Certainly not before 2024 on Netflix!

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