Tsutomu Nihei’s Knights of Sidonia now 99¢ for Vol. 1

Get flight. 1 for 99¢ and get up to 50% off subsequent volumes!

After recently showcasing a number of sci-fi and fantasy titles poised to lure people into manga, we’d be remiss not to celebrate. Knights of Sidonia, one of Kodansha’s most action-packed sci-fi sagas by acclaimed manga creator Tsutomu Nihei. So be sure to check out this series as a spotlight on this month’s Throwback Thursday digital sale!

As a member of Throwback Thursday digital manga sale, now you can get the first volume of sci-fi mecha adventure Knights of Sidoniaat the special price of 99¢and also take up to 50% off select the volumes after that! Sale starts now and ends Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

Learn more Knights of Sidonia: Outer space, the distant future. A solitary sower ship, the Sidonia, criss-crosses the void, ten centuries after the obliteration of the solar system. The massive, nigh-indestructible, yet barely conscious extraterrestrial life forms that destroyed humanity’s homeworld continue to pose an existential threat. Nagate Tanikaze only knew life in the bowels of the ship, deep below the sparkling strata where humans carried out photosynthesis and new genera. Shortly after his release from the Underground, however, the young man receives a precious inheritance from the captain of the spaceship.

Meticulously drawn, peppered with humour, but also exceptionally attentive to plot and structure, Knights of Sidonia may be Tsutomu Nihei’s most accessible work to date, though it does reach notes of tragic grandeur as a hopeless struggle for survival unfolds.

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Curious but want to see more? Check out the FREE preview of Chapter 1 below!

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