This is what adult William will look like in season 7 of Outlander

Actor Charles Vandervaart joins the cast.

William Ransom is about to come of age. It is now Charles Vandervaart (Lost in Space) who will play the character in season 7 ofOutlander. And we already discover a photo of the character, hidden son of Jamie, spawned in season 3 with Geneva Dunsany (below).

We remember that Lord John agreed to raise William as his child, after the death of Geneva. William appeared as a young boy in Season 4, when Lord John brought his son to visit Jamie and Claire at their newly established estate. When William arrives in Wilmington in the upcoming Season 7, he’ll show up dressed as a British soldier who wants to help put down the American Revolution…

Outlander: everything we know about season 7

“We are happy to welcome Charles to the Fraser family for season 7 ofOutlander, comments Matthew B. Roberts, showrunner, writer and executive producer. “Scotland will once again be our production home as the Frasers and Mackenzies attempt to make a home for themselves against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War. This season promises more adventure, time travel and peril than any before.”

This season 7 ofOutlander is currently filming and will be seen in 2023, on Netflix in France.

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