The space simulation will not finally be released until early 2023 on PC

Already postponed to May and November 2020, Kerbal Space Program 2, the space simulation developed by Intercept Games (instead of Star Theory Games) and published by Private Division, is unfortunately the victim of a new postponement. According to a video shared on the official license forumthe title will finally be released only early 2023 on PC and later on consoleswithout further details at this time.

A game of immense technological complexity

As Nate Simpson, the production’s creative director, explains to justify this extra design time: “We are creating a game of immense technological complexity. […] The game should perform well on a wide range of machines. The graphics must be second to none. The universe should be rich and interesting to explore. We have set ourselves the goal internally of creating an experience that is both original and breathtaking. »

See you next year to maybe finally find out what we have in store Kerbal Space Program 2 on PC and consoles.

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