The Sex Pistols rock ‘n’ roll in Danny Boyle’s biopic teaser

After reviving the Beatles in Yesterdaythe English director Danny Boyle tackles a new myth in British musical culture: the Sex Pistols ! He signs a crazy biopic, in the form of a mini-series, on the legendary anarchic punk band of the 70’s and we find the first images of Pistols in a teaser (below).

“At the center of this series is the founding member and guitarist of the Sex Pistols, Steve Jones. Jones’ hilarious, emotional, and at times harrowing journey guides us through a kaleidoscopic tale of three of the most epic, chaotic, and mucus-splattered years in music history.” promises the synopsis.

In the cast, Toby Wallace will be Steve Jones, Anson Boon will be Johnny Rotten, Louis Partridge will be Sid Vicious, Maisie Williams will be Pamela Rooke, Thomas Brodie-Sangster will be Malcolm McLaren and Talulah Riley will be Vivienne Westwood.

Series Pistols will be launched on May 31 on Hulu in the USA and will be seen in France on Disney Plus during the summer.

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