The influences of The Shape of Water in video: Amélie Poulain, Splash, The Strange Creature of the Black Lake…

Guillermo del Toro’s fantastic tale is reminiscent of other films.

“The media talks about references, coincidence, plagiarism… Now it’s up to you to judge.” The Shape of Water, the Oscar for best film 2018, will return this evening on C8. Shortly after its release, it was dissected by a certain Ulysse Thévenon, an Internet user who likes to look for influences from films and series. After his focus on Stranger Thingsa place for the multiple inspirations of Guillermo del Toroof The Strange Creature from the Black Lake to Amelie PoulainPassing by The Space Between Us Where Splash. His video shows that the filmmaker has drawn on various and fascinating works.

Similarities between The Shape of Water and other movies from Ulysse Thévenon we Vimeo.

The Shape of Water: The Crafting Secrets of Guillermo del Toro’s Creature

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