The Google Pixel 6 5G smartphone is entitled to a big promotion

Just a few days ago, Google announced its new smartphone, the Google Pixel 6a, which aims to enter the category of mid-range smartphones and offer a somewhat reduced price compared to the Google Pixel 6, a very popular model in recent months. But no need to wait for this new model to be entitled to a Google smartphone at the best price, since the Google Pixel 6 is currently on sale at Rakuten at a price almost unheard of.

Where to find the Google Pixel 6 at the best price?

If you’re looking for the Google Pixel 6 but were expecting a nice price drop, the deal offered by Rakuten should appeal to you. Displayed at -19% of its initial price, the Google Pixel 6 is on sale today for €519.99 on the merchant site, with an additional €26 free for Club Rakuten members.

This offer is for the 128GB 5G model, with 8GB of RAM, in Torment Black colorway. Please note, this is a Japanese model.which is compatible in French, but the 2-year seller’s warranty is a little more complicated to obtain than with a Western seller.

If you want to get a western model, please know that the Google Pixel 6 is currently displayed at only €579 at Amazona drop of 11%, which is still a very good deal for this model.

Buy the Google Pixel 6 on Rakuten
Buy the Google Pixel 6 on Amazon

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