The funny gift Norman Reedus gave himself when he left the set of Walking Dead

“I ended up getting back in my car to go home in my Daryl outfit. So I actually kept everything…”

It’s a tradition: when a long series ends, the stars of the cast allow themselves to steal one or two objects from the set, as souvenirs. Props that technically belong to the production or the studio, but which some actors are allowed to keep free of charge.

And Norman Reedus recounts today that when he left the filming of The Walking Dead last month, after filming his final scenes, he walked away with a full Daryl Dixon outfit!

In fact, I just went home with my whole outfit. All the clothes I wore on this last day of filming. It’s just that I haven’t changed my clothes…“he confides today to the people magazinesuggesting that it’s more of a mistake than a deliberate choice: in the flood of emotion, he simply forgot to go back to the locker room: “I was hugging a lot of people, crying, saying goodbye to everyone…And then I ended up getting in my car and going home in my Daryl outfit. So I kept everything effectively…“For once, not sure that the production is aware!

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This costume will be added to a collection of objects “Daryl Dixonwhich the actor has amassed over the years: “I also have all the other vests – and I think, all the other crossbows. I think I have eight crossbows now at home… It’s crazy!”

Then remembering the last day of production, the actor recounts the emotion that reigned on the set. “It was a bit surreal what was happening. It hit me when I got home. I took that route back that I’ve been on for all these years, through the forest, and when I arrived at the door of my house, I realized that I will never take this road again… The sun was rising and I had this revelation in the car. It was well and truly over (…) So maybe when i’m sad i’ll just put on the outfit [de Daryl] and I’ll go for a walk in town… Or not. It would be really weird.”

Especially that Norman Reedus isn’t quite done with Daryl Dixon. He will take over the character in a new series dedicated to the biker, but which will now take place in Europe!

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