The end of Plus Belle la vie will be for November 2022 on France 3

The series has been broadcast on the French channel for 18 years.

Last Thursday, France 3 announced to the teams of More beautiful life that the soap opera would end in November 2022 with a final episode. In a press release, the France Télévision group declared: This Thursday, May 5, 2022, the management of France Télévisions announced to the teams of More beautiful lifein Marseille, that this season would be the last. More beautiful life will thus conclude its long journey on the air in November 2022 “. He adds: From today, we are committed to completing this magnificent and long story with dignity with our audience and all the talents who have shaped it, behind and in front of the camera”. The series, which takes place in the city of Marseille, was launched on August 30, 2004 and has more than 4,500 episodes.

Plus Belle la Vie uses deepfake to replace a Covid case

If the television series has established itself as the queen of soap operas in France for a long time, the audience has dropped drastically over the years. From 2018, the series fell below the 3 million spectators mark, for 4.6 million in 2016 – 2017 (source: The echoes). In the 2000s, the soap opera had reached nearly 7 million viewers. And for good reason. It had to face new competitors: in 2017, TF1 launched tomorrow belongs to usfollowed by Here it all beginsand finally such a big sun on France 2. These new soap operas have established themselves in the French audiovisual landscape, casting a great shadow on PBLV. The broadcast schedule on France 3 had also been changed to 8:10 p.m., that is to say at the same time as the television news: enough not to fix his case. The aging of the public and the arrival of streaming platforms has not helped: the public service explains that ” viewer expectations and program consumption have changed over the past 18 years […] In this context, a renewal of the creative offer is necessary”. (Source : ozap).

The Echoes also report that the group, on condition of anonymity, also claimed: With the amount devoted to PBLV, we could make very good series, not necessarily daily ones “, the budget of the series amounting to approximately 30 million euros per year.

More beautiful life, it’s almost over!

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