The 20 best series of 2022 so far

The essentials of what should not be missed on television over the past six months.

20) Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+)

Despite all its flaws, the latest creation Star Wars from Disney + has managed to generate a lot of buzz, thanks in particular to the epic performance of Ewan McGregor, back in the Galaxy of George Lucas, 18 years later … and also thanks to the fights of Obi-Wan against his former Padawan turned Darth Vader. Whey for the fans.

19) Visitors (WarnerTV)

After pastiche of superheroes with his Hero Corp. Simon Astier tackles science fiction and Aliens in a humorous series full of nostalgia, which plays with the codes of pop-culture and Amblin cinema of the 1980s/90s. A love letter to the genre, fun and exciting.

18) The Time Traveler’s Wife (HBO and OCS in France)

First appearance of Rose Leslie in this top. Still as sparkling, the old one from Game Of Thrones overflows with a terribly endearing facetious energy and carries this great sci-fi love story not as brilliant as it aims to be, but intoxicating nonetheless.

17) Oussekine (Disney+)

A French creation with impressive ambition, which takes the form of a very political social chronicle. A historical drama that surprisingly takes us back 40 years, to the time of the sordid murder of Malik Oussekine. A gripping x-ray of 1980s France.

16) Chloe (Amazon)

Passed largely unnoticed in June, this psychological thriller is a real success to discover. Thanks in particular to the stunning performance of Erin Doherty (former Princess Anne of The Crown), who embodies a touching and disturbing scammer, making her place in English high society with a lot of lies. You never know which Saint to turn to in this increasingly fascinating maze of pretense.

15) Gaslit (Starz Play)

A very classic biopic on form, which looks back on the dirty spy case that led to the fall and resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974, but by telling the little stories hidden behind the big one. A stunning reconstruction of Watergate, carried by a Julia Roberts in top form, in the skin of Martha Mitchell, socialite wife of the Attorney General, who will turn America upside down…

14) Reacher (Amazon)

This Reacher has nothing to do with the jack reacher the cinema. A mute, muscular giant who punches and talks after, Alan Ritchson shines with his athletic charisma, a form of spectacularly imposing presence, in this series of pure and raw action. An approach to the character much more faithful to Lee Child’s novels. For those who found that Tom Cruise did not fit the role at all.

13) This is going to Hurt (BBC and Canal+ in France)

In the vein of what Hippocrates succeeded in France, this adaptation of the logbook of a real English doctor on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Adam Kay, is particularly fascinating. Ben Whishaw plays the exhausted obstetrician in this gritty, intelligent, darkly humorous drama.

12) The Tourist (BBC and France 2 in France)

The sun of the Australian Outback burns our retinas as much as it burns the skin of the protagonists. Jamie Dornan, far from his evenings 50 Shades of Grey, makes a perfect John Doe, as lost as he is elusive in this arid thriller with acid irony worthy of the Coen Brothers. Just for the opening scene, a masterful tribute to the Duel by Steven Spielberg, this amnesiac thriller is worth a look.

11) Moon Knight (Disney+)

Steven Grant or Marc Spector, Oscar Isaac makes a sensational entry into the MCU, in this Marvel series that is unlike any other. The story of a hero with dissociative identity disorder. A dual personality Splitmixed with totally wacky Egyptian mythology, in an epic adventure that oscillates between IndianaJones and The Mask. Quite enjoyable.

10) The Afterparty (AppleTV+)

Who is the killer? After boosting Spiderman with their Oscar-winning animated film new generation, Phil Lord and Chris Miller deliver a very cool, crazy and wildly captivating “murder mystery”. A detective comedy with a very assumed absurd tone and told through different perspectives and different genres. A Cluedo cheerful pop.

9) Yellowjackets (Showtime and Canal+ in France)

Even if it tends to run out of steam after a few episodes, this is a concept series that ignited the web at the start of the year. Steeped in 90s nostalgia, this thrilling coming-of-age drama rocks a modern take on His Majesty of the Flies, with a host of puzzles to solve along the way. How the players of a high school football team, survivors of a plane crash, were able to survive in the middle of a Canadian forest for months and months? Mystical and captivating.

8) Pam & Tommy (Disney+)

Between improbable farce, hyper-sexed romantic comedy and nostalgic painting of the culture of the 1990s, Pam & Tommy form a resolutely fascinating creature. But beyond that, thanks to the inhabited performance of Lily James, the libidinal joke of Seth Rogen manages to take the step of the saucy and to cause a sincere empathy for the bimbo of Baywatchdeprived of privacy.

7) Outer Range (Amazon)

While Yellowstone continues to be a hit on Paramount +, Josh Brolin attempts the science fiction western, in this story of Rancher confronted with a mystery from elsewhere… A mystical black hole from which springs a host of frankly breathless twists. But what keeps us clinging to the mechanical bull is the local cowboy, a grumpy badass who defends his lands on the vast plains of Wyoming with biblical fury. And it doesn’t matter against whom.

6) Funny (Netflix)

The creator of Ten percent, Fanny Herrero, signs the latest French series on the platform. A tender and sincere social comedy, which paints the portrait of young stand-up artists in search of success. Mariama Gueye, Younes Boucif, Elsa Guedj and Jean Siuen shine at the back of the cellar. A surprisingly explosive quartet. Funny endearing. Hilariously rewarding. The bad joke is that the series was canceled before the planned season 2…

5) Landscapers (Showtime and Canal+ in France)

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis are stunning in Bonnie & Clyde unfathomable, alternately adorable and poisonous. They form a hell of a duo, an old couple of Britons, polite and well brought up, to whom the Queen would surely give the Good Lord without confession. Susan and Christopher Edwards look like they’re straight out of Paddington, except that they have been hiding the murder of Susan’s parents for 15 years, whom they buried in the garden before fleeing to France, to start a new life… A mind-blowing true story for this “so” British true crime drama , “so” pleasing. A criminal madness not to be missed.

4) Vigil (BBC and Arte in France)

A breathtaking thriller. A breathless and claustrophobic dive into a Royal Navy submarine, a ship on a secret defense mission, a major element of the British nuclear deterrent, patrolling off Scotland when it disintegrates from the inside after the sudden murder of a crew member… A thriller 20,000 leagues under the sea with an unbreathable atmosphere, carried by a duo of amazing female investigators: the excellent Suranne Jones (Doctor Foster) tries to stay afloat in this suffocating universe while from the mainland, Rose Leslie gives him a welcome helping hand. An extraordinary investigation.

3) We Own This City (HBO and OCS in France)

David Simon returns to his first love and to the crime drama by bringing us back to the streets of Baltimore, like a sequel to TheWire who does not say his name. This new ultra-realistic and skin-deep creation puts a slap in the face, without seeking to revolutionize the genre, and owes a lot to Jon Bernthal, once again phenomenal. the old Punishercompletely inhabited as a limitless cop, infuses all his animal madness into this barely believable political and social scandal, taken from a true story.

2) Slow Horses (AppleTV+)

An old-school “Spy thriller”, executed with mastery. This adaptation of the formidable literary saga of Mick Herron makes us discover the daily life of the “stable”, a section of MI-5 bringing together the placarded spies, these losers of the trade who cannot be fired but whom we do not want especially no longer send on mission. In a more comical than tragic mode, the series intelligently navigates the side of The Office, with its disillusioned boss, with scathing cynicism and a bitterness as sweet as the scotch he downs all day long. Gary Oldman in torn socks leads the dance brilliantly. It’s not for nothing that the series has already been renewed for 3 more seasons!

1) Severance (AppleTV+)

We still don’t know what’s going on, and yet, we find it wonderful. Season 1 of Severance is a brilliant mystical achievement. Between the enigmatic office series and pure unfathomable sci-fi kiff. This drama directed and produced by Ben Stiller chronicles the cold and strange lives of Lumen employees, whose brains have been manipulated to separate private from professional personalities. Who are they really? Where do they work ? And for whom? The cast (Adam Scott, Britt Lower, John Turturro, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Walker…) is mesmerizing. And above all, as in the finest hours of Lost, the mysteries are cleverly distilled to drive us crazy. We look for meanings everywhere. Do you remember the numbers engraved on the door of the bunker on the island of Lost ? We are at this level with Severance. Undoubtedly the bomb of this beginning of the year 2022, the one you must have seen.

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