Surprise Doctor Strange 2 star posts photos of his new role at Marvel

A key new MCU character joins Benedict Cumberbatch in a post-credits scene.

We take a lot of tweezers to avoid spoilersbut beware: the following article is intended for people who have seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A Hollywood star, who arrives by surprise in one of the post-credits scenes, shared photos of his new character, very important in the Marvel universe, on his Instagram account.

Doctor Strange 2: which character plays the star who appears in the post-credits scene?

You are still here ? So here are the details: the first spectators of the film were able to recognize Charlize Theron, who arrives in the saga of Kevin Feige in the skin of Clea, a super-magician who evolves alongside Doctor Strange in the comics. She appears at the very end of Sam Raimi’s film with the hero played by Benedict Cumberbatch, explaining to him that she is going to help him fix the mess he has just made in the Multiverse. In the comics, she is the niece of Dormammu, the main villain of the first film, who was also voiced by Cumberbatch. She becomes Doctor Strange’s disciple and then falls in love with him, but for now it’s unclear if this will carry over into the movies. His arrival confirms in any case the desire of the team to continue the adventure with a Doctor Strange 3. And the star of Mad Max: Fury Road and the last Fast & Furious adds a new franchise to his already well-filled CV.

Here is his Instagram post, along with the comment: “Meet Clea.”

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