Still no postponement for the game, Cory Barlog asks fans to be patient

The fans of god of war begin to lose patience with the silence of Santa Monica Studios and of playstationwho have still not revealed anything about God of War Ragnarok since its first trailer. Several insiders and journalists then indicated that this silence would end today, June 30, with a possible announcement around the game. That might not happen in the end, but that’s not a sign the game is being pushed back just confirmed again by the creative director of the studio, Cory Barlog.

No announcement, but no report

Faced with many messages from people wondering when the game will resurface, Cory Barlog took to Twitter to ask for a little patience:

Dear all, if it was up to me, I will share all the information as soon as I know. but that does not depend on me. So please be patient. I promise things will be shared ASAP. We create games for you. We get to create games thanks to you. »

What to indicate that there will be no announcement today? We can already rule out any hint of a surprise State of Play, but we might expect a wild trailer or even just a PlayStation Blog post. That Cory Barlog swept away with a simple tweet in response to a user, who indicated that the reveal was coming today, to which the creative director simply replied ” Nope “.

Another user then thought that all this silence indicated that the game was off, but then again, Barlog replied that it was not. God of War Ragnarok would therefore still be scheduled for release in 2022.

A leak today?

Does that mean we won’t hear about the game today? Nothing is less certain, at least according to the insider Tom Hendersonwhich connects the scoops and who however claims that we should hear details about the game by the end of the day.

But informally onlywhich presumably means that the release date or other elements could be leaked in the next few hours, unless Santa Monica Studios decides to change its plans.

Patience then, hoping that the title shows itself a little longer during this summer, if it is indeed scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

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