Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy claims to have learned the lesson of Solo’s failure

Of all the feature films in the franchise, the spin-off on Han Solo is the one that has made the fewest entries at the box office.

Kathleen Kennedythe president of Lucasfilm, recently returned to the Star Wars spin-off on the youth of the character of Han Solo during an interview for Vanity Fair : “Solo (2018) was one of the first ideas that came up when the company was sold. With screenwriter Larry Kasdan, we sincerely thought it was a good idea. But there should be times along the way to realize things. And we learned a lot with this film. Some think that Solo should have been a series, but doing a series on Han Solo without Harrison Ford in the role, it’s the same thing. And it’s the same for Indiana Jones […] “. The lesson learned from this film, which disappointed a large part of the public, would therefore be to no longer cast actors to play emblematic characters. On the other hand, the studio does not hesitate to recreate them digitally the time of a few scenes, for example in RogueOne, The Mandalorian Where The Boba Fett Book

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It would therefore be the fault ofAlden Ehrenreichthe actor who had the daunting task of replacing the iconic Harrison Ford as the legendary space pilot? We know that this experience was complicated for the actor, who, for example, received advice in 2017 to work with an actor coach on the set. To believe that the only successful new Star Wars character is Grogubetter known as “Baby Yoda”… In fact, however, the flop of Solo is not explained only by this change of actor: the shooting experienced several chaotic episodes. After the departure during production of the co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller for reasons of creative divergence, many scenes had been taken over under the direction of Ron Howard. lord and Miller had tried to favor improvisation in the acting, in order to pay homage to the rebellious personality of Han Solo. But, for the head of the Lucasfilm department of Disney, the case is closed: there will be no more prequel on the youth of the characters of the saga.

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And yet. The next series to come remains all the same in this similar vein of the explanatory past. Obi-Wan Kenobiwhich comes out next week, will chronicle the retirement of “Old Ben” on Tatooine. Chronologically, the episodes take place between the end of episode III and the beginning of episode IV, marking the reflection of the Jedi master in the face of the failure that was the Chosen One, his Padawan Anakin Skywalker. Kennedy’s theory will perhaps be confirmed: if he is not played by Sir Alec Guinnessthe original actor who died 22 years ago, it’s all the same Ewan McGregorthe interpreter of Kenobi in the prequels, who returns to the front of the stage.

Obi-Wan Kenobi will be available on Disney+ on May 27, the trailer right here:

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