Square Enix will hold a special live for the 25th anniversary of the game, big announcement in sight?

the Summer Game Fest started, but the publishers do not hesitate to announce conferences without warning, because the calendar was obviously not complicated enough as it was. Square-Enix will obviously not hold Square Enix Presents this summer, but he intends to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VIIand we learn today that a special live will take place next week, with hopefully some announcements.

Any news from Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II?

If you are fans of the adventures of Cloud and company, go to June 16 at 11:59 p.m. (i.e. the 17th at midnight) to follow this birthday live which promises to be very short, since it will only last 10 minutes.

So inevitably, when we see the latest conferences of the genre, we tend to be wary (hello Sonic Central), especially since this live should give pride of place to Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Even if it means presenting mobile games, let’s hope to have news ofEver Crisisthe gacha that will retrace the entire history of the game and its spin-offs, but we’re not going to lie to each other, everyone will be there to see if Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II will be formalized or not.

We will avoid betting on it as we tend to be disappointed with certain absences during this kind of conference, but come on, we keep a little bit of hope. Let us also remember that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now a year old, and that an arrival at Xbox would not be impossible, even if nothing has been confirmed on this subject (so don’t get too excited).

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