She-Hulk: the Marvel series unveils a first trailer with a light tone

Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin will fight crime starting August 17 on Disney Plus.

After Moon Knightand while waiting Miss Marvel, which will launch on June 8, Marvel Studios has unveiled the first images of its upcoming series coming to Disney Plus. A show devoted to a character never seen before on the screen: Jennifer Walters alias She-Hulk, who is none other than the cousin of Bruce Banner.

Miss Marvel, Kate Bishop, She-Hulk and the new female faces of the MCU

In this first trailer, we discover Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany), a lawyer (the full title of the series is She-Hulk: Lawyer) whose life is dedicated to fighting crime. After a blood transfusion with her cousin Bruce (Mark Ruffalo), she gains the same powers.

Peeping at Ally McBealthe series will obviously play the humor card to the fullest, like this punchline from the main character: “I’m not a superhero, this is for billionaires, narcissists and adult orphans“. We can even expect pure comedy, as evidenced by the astonishing post-credits scene of the trailer, which we let you discover below:

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