Roswell New Mexico canceled, the reboot will not have a season 5

The new series will end at the end of August, at the end of season 4, not yet launched.

The reboots no longer have the CW rating. After deleting that of Charmed or that of Dynastythe American channel has just put an end to the new series Roswell.

Roswell New Mexico is officially canceled, while its next season 4 has not yet aired. Still in filming, it will be officially launched on June 6 in the USA and will end on August 29. It will then be time for the end of Roswell New Mexicowhich will therefore not be entitled to a season 5.

She can still boast of having held a year longer than the original, stopped after 3 seasons in 2002. Even if in the end, it will total 9 episodes less.

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