PS5 remake reportedly well on its way to release in 2022

We still wonder if a remake of The Last of Us would be of great interest considering the game isn’t even 10 years old yet, but obviously, sony and Naughty Dog think so (we imagine that he necessarily has an interest financially speaking). The rumors around this project are multiplying, and have once again been confirmed by Jeff Grubb in the latest issue of Kinda Funny Gamecastrelayed by VGC.

Joel and Ellie back this year?

On the show, the Venture Beat reporter, who needs no introduction and has been a reliable source for the past few years, declares that the remake of The Last of Us set to release on PS5 in 2022. He then evokes the very end of the year, and feels rather confident about this release period.

Which therefore goes in the same direction as the other rumors, in particular those shared a few months ago by the insider Tom Henderson. If Sony plans to communicate with a State of Play or a PlayStation Showcase in June, we imagine that the formalization will take place at this time, if the rumor is true. But with the information released by a tester at Naughty Dog, we no longer have too many doubts.

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