Prime Video’s new Zorro will be a former Elite teenager

Miguel Bernardeau will play “a modern version of the hero”.

After turning heads in Eliteon Netflix, as Guzmán, Miguel Bernardeau will put on a mask: he will be the new one Zorro from the Prime Video platform, alongside Mexican actress Renata Notni, in a reboot developed by Secuoya studios based in Los Angeles.

Directed by Javier Quintas (Money Heist and Sky Rojo), this new series Zorro is described as “a modern version of the hero“, written by Carlos Portela.

Miguel Bernardeau will thus embody a new version of Diego de la Vega, a landowner who disguises himself as a masked hero of the people. Notni will be Lolita Marquez, his childhood sweetheart. The production already speaks of a “current” vision of Zorro, “symbol of justice and defender of the oppressed”. The production “will fully take into account the diversity of an emerging world in which different populations try to live together“, according to Secuoya Studios.

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In the story, this Zorro will be “shaped by the relationships of his youth Love and disappointment forged his development as a character and will reflect a kind of masculinity away from stereotypes. His fight will be to find out who murdered his father, a personal mission that leads him to uncover family secrets that will forever change his fate.

Ten episodes of this new Zorro will be shot for Prime Video in the USA, South America and Spain. We are still waiting to find out if the platform will also offer it in France.

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