Pokemon-like multiplayer with guns shows gameplay

Palworld is one of the most amazing mixes of the moment. Combining monster capture with Pokemon to a more dynamic gameplay of TPS, with guns, the game of Pocket Pair is a curiosity that we never tire of discovering, video after video. And that’s good, since the studio gave us this weekend a new preview of its next completely crazy project, showing some gameplay sequences.

So that’s what being a member of Team Rocket is

Palworld takes creature hunting literally. As we can see here, the game will ask us to meet different species to capture them, using all possible means.

The title should offer a vast open world to explore in the company of your Pals, and we can see here that it will be possible to fight alongside them, whether with a shotgun or a bow. As expected, coming from the studio behind Craftopiathe craft will also have an important place.

The result is completely unexpected, and the contrast between the collecting side of monsters and the violence of weapons will have something to smile about. For the time being, Palworld is still slated to release on Steam later this year.

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