On-Screen Manga: Wishlist Sale!

Throughout the month, we celebrated the amazing series that made their way from the manga page to anime and even live-action TV and movies. This week, we asked the manga experts at Kodansha for their “staff picks” of series they’d like to see adapted for the screen, and spotlight these great discounted stories during the Manga on screen: wishlist digital manga sale!

Take up to 50% off what Kodansha employees think are ready-to-adapt manga series! Imagine a live-action drama of the cute yet poignant college rom-com, A sign of affection. Or even a beautifully rendered animated adaptation of the dark sci-fi epic, APOSIMZ. We can totally see the kinds of hilarious and heartfelt episodes that would come from an anime adaptation of the lycanthrope love story, This wolf boy is mine. And we’d be dying for a starring film of the trendy trans coming-of-age tale, The boys run riot. Any of the series featured in this sale would make for an exciting, scary, and excellent adaptation – but why not start with the affordable manga.

Note to fans about this sale: None of the titles featured in this sale are currently slated for anime or live action adaptation, this is just a series celebrating the sale that we “wish” to make the leap in the future. !

Right now, you can try any of these manga series worthy of an anime or live-action adaptation for up to 50% off during the Manga on screen: Wish list digital manga sale! To see where you can save, visit one of our participating digital providers: Bookwalker, To light up, google play, Corner, izneo and MyListAnime!

Sale ends Monday, May 30!

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Read the first chapter of the haunting horror anthology, PTSD RadioFREE or click on any of the titles below to read a preview of the first chapter!

One day Adaptations (Maybe):

Check Out Staff Picks and Manga Wishlist

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