On-Screen Manga: Past Anime Sale

Watched the anime (a long time ago) and curious about the manga?

We’re continuing to focus on inspirational manga this month by showcasing series that have seen anime adaptations both recently and a long time ago during the Manga on screen: the past of anime digital manga sale!

Right now, get up to 50% off series like the delinquent teacher comedy-drama that inspired anime AND live-action adaptations, GTO: Grand Master Onizuka. If you’re looking for an endearing coming-of-age tale about a group of teenagers obsessed with literature and romance, check out O maidens in your wild season. If monstrous action is more your speed, be sure to try body horror fighting manga, Gleipnir. Whether you’re trying to rekindle nostalgia for recent and past anime, or are just looking for a new manga series to kick off, you’ll want to take advantage of this digital manga sale!

Celebrate anime’s past and the Kodansha manga that inspired them by taking up to 50% off select series in the Manga on screen: the past of anime digital manga sale! To see where you can save, visit one of our participating digital providers: Bookwalker, To light up, google play, Corner, izneo and MyListAnime!

Sale ends Monday, May 16!

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Read the first chapter of the adorable high school romance, GTO: Grand Master OnizukaFREE or click on any of the titles below to read a preview of the first chapter!

For past anime fans:

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