Murders in Paradise on France 2: what we know about season 12

Filming for the sequel will begin soon.

Neville Parker will conduct a new investigation in Sainte-Marie this evening, in episode 8 which will complete season 11 of Murders in Paradiseon France 2. But the Anglo-French series, which is still a hit this year with an average of 4 million viewers in France, is not going to stop there.

A season 12 of Death in Paradise has already been ordered. Filming will begin in the coming days during this month of May.

Don Warrington, who plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, recently told Radio Times: “We’re still in England, we haven’t started yet. I think we’ll start shooting in May.”

In the casting, Ralf Little will be back to lead the investigations, as he confirmed in a tweet in February: β€œThank you all for watching season 11 of Murders in Paradise. It’s a privilege to play Neville and lead this great series and it gives me great pleasure to confirm that I will be returning to Sainte-Marie for Season 12!”

On the other hand, Josephine Jobert has left the series. But nothing would fundamentally prevent Florence Cassel from returning to spend a head… to go to the end of her story with Neville?

In any case, we already know that Murders in Paradise will renew the experience of this year’s Christmas episode. Season 12 will also be entitled to a Christmas Special, during the end of year celebrations 2022 across the Channel, before the probable broadcast of season 12, around January 2023 in the United Kingdom, then in the spring in France, on France 2.

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