Moon Knight writers dreamed of a Chris Evans cameo as an old Captain America

And that’s not all: Kit Harington could also have made an appearance in one of the episodes!

For Moon Knight, the Marvel series released last March, the writers had imagined a good number of cameos to integrate into the plot. Thus, Dane Whitman, or the Black Knight, which we see for the first time in The Eternals, could have appeared in one of the episodes. Jeremy Slaterone of the authors, explained in an interview for comic book : “ We talked about Dane Whitman very quickly, because he works in the same museum in London as Steven Grant. There would therefore have been a logical interaction between the two characters. I then said to myself: ‘If we have Kit Haringtonthat we show it and that it has no fighting scenes, if I’m a fan I’ll be completely disappointed!’ If he had been present, I would have liked him to be in Black Knight. Just see an interaction where he walks by and says: ‘Oh hi Steven’ who would answer: ‘Oh hello Professor Whitman!’that would have been a waste of money”.

The Eternals almost made an appearance in the Moon Knight series

Slater also claimed that he had given very serious thought to integrating Captain America. ” There were many times while we were writing where we talked about cameos, because it’s one of the most fun things to imagine. And if we bring back Chris Evans as old Captain America? You know we sit down and we play ‘What if’ between us, the scriptwriters! », he says in an interview for Discussing Movie. He also claims that these two characters were the only ones seriously considered for a guest appearance, but that Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, opposed it. The screenwriter says: Kevin came to see us and told us ‘You know what, guys? I know everyone loves cameos, everyone is enthusiastic about this kind of scene. But I really think your story holds true.’ So, we said to ourselves that indeed, a cameo would not add anything. We took Kevin’s advice a lot into consideration, because he has a really good instinct for this sort of thing. […] And then, we thought it was better to spend our budget on making the series as cool as possible rather than trying to integrate another character”.

Series Moon Knightwith Oscar Isaacis available on Disney+.

Chris Evans Would Rather Play The Torch From Fantastic 4 Than Captain America

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