Minnie Driver Almost Never Starred In Will Hunting Because She Was “Not Sexy Enough”

However, the actress had been nominated for an Oscar for this film.

In 1997 the feature film was released Will Huntingone of the filmmaker’s biggest hits Gus Van Sant. At the casting, we found Matt Damon in the main role, with Robin Williams, Ben Affleck and Minnie Driver. However, the actress, in full promotion of her memoirs Managing Expectationrecently told The Telegraph that she almost never became Skylar. And yet, she had been nominated in 1998 for the Oscar for best supporting actress.

Minnie Driver auditioned for the role of Skylar when she was just 26. Harvey Weinstein rejected his candidacy, explaining to the casting director that ” no one would fuck her “. And he was not the only one: one of the producers of the film had also affirmed that she was not sexy enough for the role “. The actress says: I remember being so devastated, until I realized it’s just a big pig. How could I worry that motherfucker wouldn’t think I was sexy? But there were still consequences: I thought I would never find a job because I didn’t have the physical qualities required. And to think that I escaped him thanks to that! I’m glad the situation has turned around and the younger guys in this industry won’t have to go through this. “.

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Indeed, in 2017, “The Weinstein Affair” explodes, revealing to the general public the acts of harassment, sexual assault and rape committed by the producer. Since 2020, he has been in New York prison where he receives a 23-year sentence.

Driver further adds: Being told at 26 you’re not sexy enough, when you’re just out of your teens and thinking maybe with red light, those shoes and that dress ‘I’m fine ‘, and for a producer – be it a man, a woman or a non-binary person – to reduce you to your sex appeal, it is absolutely humiliating”.

For Will HuntingWeinstein had defended Ashley Judd. One of its spokespersons explains: Harvey thinks Minnie Driver is a great actress, but he saw Judd in the role instead. He admits he was wrong and that Minnie is fantastic, and claims he said nothing regrettable about Mrs. Driver. He also hired her for several films. He wishes him luck and success for his memoirs “. The actress of Double-dealing also filed a complaint against the prisoner for blacklisting her after she rejected his advances. He denies these allegations.

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