Meeting with Sayyid El Alami, the revelation of the Oussekine series on Disney +

The actor embodies since today, on the platform, the young 22-year-old student, killed in 1986 by the police. “The story of Malik Oussekine, I have known it since I was very young…”

Sayyid Al Alami was not born when Malik Oussekine was killed by the police on the night of December 5 to 6, 1986, in Paris. He did not know this time, but the 24-year-old actor brilliantly puts himself in the shoes of the young student of Algerian origin, murdered, in the new series, launched today on Disney +.

In Oussekinethe platform’s third original French creation, created and directed by Antoine Chevrollier, it becomes the embodiment of this tragic blunder that shook France at the end of the 1980s and whose young talent of Moroccan origin, born 15 years later late, still widely heard about: “The story of Malik Oussekine, I have known it since I was very young“, entrusts to Première Sayyid Al Alami. “I grew up with this story. My parents told me about it. My older brothers and sisters followed all this a lot… And then I was immersed in rap and in all kinds of demonstrations against state injustices growing up, so it was not so scary for me to play this role. On the contrary, it was rather an honor! We do this job for that!

The actor, revealed in the short film Bass by Félix Imbert (presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes), before being brought to the front of the stage by Bertrand Bonello, in zombie kidhas already shone on television in the crime series such a long night, at the beginning of the year. But his role in Oussekine takes on a whole new dimension, in particular because of the political scope of the series. “When you accept this kind of role, there is obviously a big responsibility, a particular resonance“, he admits.

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Because beyond telling a social and family drama, the series also carries within it “an educational ambitione”. Naidra Ayadiwho plays Malik’s big sister, elaborates: “When school is not enough to educate in this place, fiction takes over. She sheds light on these topics. Oussekine is one of those series that bring out buried things, like a form of duty to remember. Because 1986 was a time when there were no social networks. It was the era of assimilation, when we tried to blend in with the masses… Our job today is therefore to raise awareness. If we can change even one person’s mind, then that will be huge!”

Sayyid Al Alami insists on this notion because “this is the place of art” according to him. “When you do this job, you also do it for that, to take risks and this responsibility.“And the young actor assumes his objective perfectly: “With OussekineI want people, especially the younger generation, to remember Malik.”

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