Mastemah: Hell has a name [bande-annonce]

Didier D. Daarwin’s new horror film, between hypnosis and psychosis.

After directing series and documentaries for television (From IAM to Jul, Marseille, capital of rap), director Didier D. Daarwin will screen his film mastemah on the big screen, from June 29, 2022. In the casting, we find Camille Razat (Emily in Paris), Olivier Bartholomew (The villains) and Feodor Atkine (seen recently in heart plan).

The story tells how Louise, a young psychiatrist, tries to rebuild herself by settling in a small village in Aubrac, after the sudden death of a loved one during a hypnosis session she was leading. The arrival of a new patient with strange behavior will plunge her into a downward spiral. His life and those of others will become a real hell.

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