Married, two children will return, 25 years later!

But there is a twist: it will be an animated series carried by the original cast.

Al Bundy and his family will be making their return to the small screen! 25 years after the conclusion of the cult sitcom, discontinued in 1997 after 11 seasons and more than 260 episodes, Married, two children will soon resume its daily train train!

The icing on the cheesecake, the members of the original cast will resume their respective roles: Ed O’Neill76, will step into the shoes of patriarch Al Bundy, while Katey Sagal, 68, will return to play Peggy. The two children, Kelly and Bud, will always be embodied by Christina Applegate and david faustinoaged 50 and 48 now…

So how is this possible? Should we anticipate a Married and grandchildren ? No, in fact, this sequence of Married, two children will be done in an animated version!

Alex Carter (Family Guy) will be the showrunner. No channel or platform is yet attached to the series under development.

This should therefore sign the end of the spin-off on Bud, fantasized for years.

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