Mark Hamill reacts to video of his very first Star Wars audition

“At that time, I still believed that it was Han Solo the hero, I understood that it would be Luke only when I finally had the scenario in hand.”

Update of May 9, 2022: TMC continues to broadcast the saga Star Wars with the original episode, tonight, A New Hope. Released in 1977 at the cinema, it is notably worn by Mark Hamillwho reacted on video to his audition for the film by George Lucas, in November 2019, a few days before the cinema release of The Rise of Skywalker. Flashback.

News of November 6, 2019: For fans of the franchise Star Wars, the name Mark Hamill essentially rhymes with Luke Skywalker. An emblematic role, marking several generations of spectators and starting a real saga whose end is expected next December with the release of episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker. And for the occasion, the iconic actor wanted to react to the video of his first audition for A New Hopenot hesitating to drop a few comments.

On the menu, a lot of mockery, especially about his own acting (“But who talks like that?!“), but also on his style: “Look at this haircut…“But above all memories:”It was the first time I had met Harrison Ford. He has always been one of my favorite actors. I was so lucky to play with him, he was the most qualified person in the team. I mean, he was Han Solo. Even when the cameras were off, character and actor were one.“Nevertheless, Ford breathed Han Solo in vain, the name took a long time to take root in Hamill’s memory. During the tests, the young actor spent his time scratching it…

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I really called him Hans?” the actor wonders in front of his computer screen, amazed at his own fault. “Why did I call him Hans instead of Han?! And besides, during filming everyone was wondering how to pronounce the names, for Han, for Chewbacca… and when we asked George, he didn’t really care, he told us to pronounce them as we wanted and it would become the original version. Can you imagine all these people actively working on the titanic creation of a brand new film which is a real challenge, and whose only concern is how to pronounce the word wookie ? Everyone has their own priorities…

George Lucas obviously didn’t have time to dwell on certain details: “Right before filming this, I went to see George because I wasn’t sure what to play exactly. I asked him “Are we more on a parody, or something a la Flash Gordon…?” He just replied to me “Meh, let’s film, we’ll discuss it later.” In reality, it meant “Let’s film, and never talk about all this afterwards”!

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An audition which therefore took place in uncertainty for the actor, then only having the right to a text. So even the roles or their hierarchy remained unclear to him: “When we shot this test, I thought it was Han Solo the main character, and me the side-kick. Harrison had all the necessary charm. I thought he was Captain America, and I was Bucky. And when I finally received the script and opened the first page, I read the title which said Star Wars, The Adventures of Luke Starkiller. And it was only then that I realized it would come from the point of view of the character I had auditioned for. And when, several weeks later, my agent called me to tell me that Lucas wanted me in the cast, I couldn’t believe it.

And after Han Solo and Luke, we had to find a Princess Leia: “When Carrie arrived on the team, she was the final piece of the puzzle. She was a feminist without making the slightest effort in the film: she didn’t need a guide or anyone to rescue her. As an actress, she had nothing to do with what I had imagined. She was nineteen, almost out of high school. But in many ways she was far more experienced and wise than I was.

The final word? “We had a lot of fun playing for this film, being locked up in spaceships or garbage compactors… we had a blast.

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