Maisie Williams will play Christian Dior’s sister for Apple TV+

A great historical series around fashion in 1940s Paris, in which the former GOT will play the resistance fighter Catherine Dior.

New luxury series for Apple TV+. Literally as figuratively ! The New Look will take us back to the Second World War to tell the fate of French fashion icons during the Occupation.

Juliette Binoche had signed to embody Coco Chanel, while Ben Mendelsohn (Star Wars) will be Christian Dior. Today, we learn that little Arya from Game Of Thrones, Maisie Williamswill play Catherine Dior, the younger sister of Christian, a figure of the resistance, decorated with the Croix de Guerre, the Croix des Combattants, and the Legion of Honor.

The New Look is described as an “epic thriller” against the Nazi occupation of Paris during World War II, “as Coco Chanel’s reign as the world’s most famous fashion designer came to an end and Christian Dior was rise, helping to restore spirit and life with his unique and revolutionary style” teases the official synopsis.

This historical drama will center “on the pivotal moment of the 20th century when Paris brought the world to life through its fashion icons”.

Signed by Todd A. Kessler (Bloodline), in association with Apple Studios, The New Look will be written and produced by Kessler, also creator of the project. The New Look will feature other great fashion names of the time such as Pierre Balmain, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy and many more.

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