Magnum is retiring: the new series will not have a season 5

The last episode has already been broadcast in the USA.

Thomas Magnum will put his gun away again. The new series, Magnum PI, has just been canceled after four seasons. As a result, the finale of May 6 becomes the finale of the series, when it was not planned for. The cop show will therefore not be entitled to a real end. Spoiler alert below!

However, with an average of 7.4 million weekly viewers in the USA, Magnum PI did pretty well, suggesting Jay Hernandez not long ago (via TVLine) : “We are varnished. I think you can bet on our renewal. The numbers are great, the series is traveling well internationally… So yeah, I think we’re in good shape…”

Bad luck, the American channel CBS did not see things the same way and did not order season 5. In France, the series is being broadcast on TF1.

The fans of Magnum will therefore remain on this historic scene, in which the private investigator passionately kisses Higgins. If you stayed in the 1980s, know that in this remake, Higgins is a pretty blonde… She and Thomas have therefore confessed their mutual feelings and thus end the series as a couple…

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