Love, Death and Robots: Volume 3 trailer is here

With an episode directed by David Fincher in person, entitled Bad trip.

“Mutiny, betrayal and ventriloquist with a human body… Welcome aboard David Fincher’s first animated film.” This is how Netflix officially introduces bad trip in its synopsis, the second short film of the third season of the anthology series Love, Death and Robotswhich is written by his collaborator of Seven, Andrew Kevin Walker. With the other eight planned as part of this new volume, they will be on the platform from May 20, and here is the trailer responsible for teasing these nine stories, once again very different, both scriptwise and aesthetically. speaking.

Among the directors who surround that of fight club and of mindhunterwe can cite Tim Miller (Dead Pool), who was already in production, Alberto Mieglo, who had signed The Witness (season 1, episode 3), Patrick Osborne (Pearl, The Feast), Emily Dean (Forget Me Not, Andromeda…) and Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3) in charge of supervising everything.

Love, Death and Robots: season 2 from worst to best

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