Les Inconnus hire Riad Sattouf to direct their next film

A comedy with Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus by the director of Les Beaux gosses? It makes you want.

We finally know more about the secret film of the Unknowns: it will be directed by Riad Sattoufthe director of beautiful kids (2009). Last October, then in full promotion of Murders in Marie-GalantePascal Légitimus revealed that the trio were preparing their return to the cinemawithout specifying what this project would be about: “We were offered a script, and we said yes. I’m not going to say more, otherwise the media will get carried away.” In January, it was his friend Didier Bourdon, who moreover played in Jacky in the kingdom of girls by the same director, in 2014, who specified: “We want to do something. Afterwards, it’s the timing. We each have our proposals alone. I know that now is the time to do it. It’s scary. But in any case, it is in the air…” Bernard Campan has not yet mentioned their reunion, but they are official according to boxofficeprowhich cites it within the next productions of the Pan-Européenne (the studio also supports Cut!by Michel Hazanavicius, which will open the 74th Cannes Film Festival).

Les Beaux Gosses: Already cult! [critique]

The last time that The unknown met at the cinema, it was for The Three Brothers: The Returnthe sequel to their cult 1995 film, released on the big screen in 2014. Although it did not receive as enthusiastic a critical reception as the first installment, it still intrigued 2.3 million viewers.

The secret story of the Three Brothers told by Les Inconnus

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