In the end, how does Moon Knight fit into the rest of the MCU?

While the series is over, it is still difficult to see what links Marc Spector to the Avengers or the Eternals…

This is a special case. Marc Spector is not a Marvel hero like the others. First because he is not alone in his head. Then, because Moon Knight was clearly thought of as an independent series from the MCU. So much so that after the broadcast of the sixth and final episode, one still wonders what is the place of the new Disney + series in the vast universe of avengers… Spoiler alert!

The connection exists, on paper, but in fact no crossover was included in Moon Knight. Not even in a post-credits mind-fuck scene, in which Thor would have come to recruit Moon Knight for I-don’t-know-what-mission. No character from a film or another series has been to Egypt to give him a hand. No God, Asgardian or otherwise, thought to intervene, when Harrow began to collect the souls of the world… So on arrival, we have the feeling that this Egyptian mythology does not at all want to overlap to that of Eternals or that of Weird or that of Guardians of the Galaxy… She does her thing in her corner, totally apart.

“We had freedom to place the series in the MCU at any time”, explains the director of Moon KnightMohamed Diab, in Varietywhich thus tells that a crossover was to take place in “the very first scene. And then another crossover in the very last scene. But as the story developed and we kept changing the scripts, we figured we didn’t need to that. All of us. It was a collective decision.”

Moon Knight: will the Marvel series have a season 2?

And then Mohamed Diab admits to having seen it as “a ruler” to follow, which somewhat embarrassed him: “You need a scene at the end that connects us to the MCU… But no! And with Marvel, we agreed that the surprise at the end of the series is that it there isn’t. And what will make this show unique. It doesn’t need anything else.”

Clear, Moon Knight doesn’t need the rest of the MCU to exist and that’s what makes it a little extra: “The best compliment we can get on the show is when people tell us it’s unlike any other Marvel show! It looks like an independent series, more dramatic, darker, more grounded. I feel like we’ve been able to bring Marvel more into our corner…”

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