In The Departed, Martin Scorsese announces each death with an “X”

The thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson will return to France 3 tonight.

See you tonight on the third channel to (re) see Infiltratorsa gangster film that offered Martin Scorsese the Oscar for best director and best feature film. Its screenwriter William Monahan received him the statuette for the best adaptation, because he took up the main lines of the Hong Kong thriller Infernal AffairsofAndrew Lau and Alan Makand his editor, Thelma Schoonmaker.

The Departed: a series adapted from the film The Infiltrators

It is precisely his work that we are interested in here. Collaborating with Martin Scorsese on most of her films, she received two Oscars before that of the Infiltrators : for raging bull in 1981 and Airman in 2005. On the project featuring Leonardo DiCaprio in front of Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon, they had the idea of ​​announcing each death with a visual element: an “X” appears just before the violent scenes. Drowned in the different settings, we do not necessarily spot them at first sight, but once we have seen them, there is no doubt: each crime is announced by a cross drawn on a window, a balcony, a tag, a piece of paper or carpet.

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Warning, spoilers! Better watch Infiltrators before reading further.
In 1932, howard hawks had used this same technique of the cross to announce the crimes of his hero of scarfaceand it was this film that gave the idea to Martin Scorsese to reuse this process in Infiltrators. So, tonight, if you want to have fun looking for them, you will find a good fifteen during the plot! Here is part of it:


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The trailer for Infiltrators :

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