How I Met your Father: for fans of How I Met (review)

A spin-off of How I Met your Mother, this new New York sitcom will appeal first and foremost to those who still regularly binge-watch the original.

It’s good to be back in New York. To find a bar. Filled with introspective young thirty-somethings, searching for love and meaning in life. Always glued to their friends, who have become a surrogate family in the face of the galleys of the modern world. Obviously, we have already seen that… but the golden age of the New York sitcom is now far away.

Since the end of How I Met your Motheran heir is desperately awaited in Friends and other Seinfeld. A new comedy of friends in the Big Apple, funny and endearing, with which we would all want to identify. Clearly it won’t How I Met your Father

The spin-off which has just been put online in France on Disney + (the 10 episodes are already available in full) is not at all up to par with its elders. Conceived as a schoolboy prank, it fails at first to make us laugh. Without punch, without flavor, without audacity, the lines smash one after the other on the wall of recorded laughter that floods the slightest situation. Devoid of inventiveness, the staging displays a depressing flat encephalogram, incapable of offering anything innovative. All of this becomes awkward, almost corny, while How I Met your Father presses so ostensibly on the diversity key – the lack of diversity had often been rightly criticized for series of the genre – that it ends up delivering a gallery of painfully artificial characters, the palm going to this Briton from one -ne-knows-what nobility, both snobbish and clumsy, that even South Park wouldn’t have dared to invent…

Yes, we miss Barney Stinson. We miss storytelling in flashbacks. The sparkling rhythm of the valves of How I Met your Mother we miss. No, we won’t tell you that How I Met your Father has what it takes to fill the void. On the other hand, if you are an absolute fan of Ted Mosby’s stories and you regularly watch the entire HIMYM in binge-watching – before on Netflix and now on Disney + – you will still find something to cultivate your nostalgia for MacLaren’s!

Because How I Met your Father delivers, indeed, new information on the band of Ted Mosby, 8 years after the diffusion of the final one. We discover what happened to the famous apartment, in the year 2022. We learn new things about Robin. And a host of little winks here and there, which will delight all those who still hope to see one day a sequel, a real one, from How I Met your Mother

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