Hideo Kojima reacts with humor to the statements of Norman Reedus

The actor Norman Reedus doesn’t really seem like the best person to hide a secret. The interpreter of Sam Porter Bridges engaged in the confidence game last week by confirming almost bluntly that a death stranding 2 was in development, which must have thrown Kojima Productions off balance. But obviously, Hideo Kojima doesn’t seem to hold it against him, as he shows on Twitter with a funny response.

Kojima is having fun with the situation

A few hours after Reedus’ statements made the rounds of the Internet, Hideo Kojima posted a new tweet where he put forward photos of himself and the actor while scolding him a little, with the following message: ” Go to your room, my friend. »

Kojima is holding Negan’s famous bat here in The Walking Dead, series where we can precisely find Norman Reedus. This staging seems to show us that Kojima and Reedus are having fun with the situation more than anything, but also that the actor’s words are probably true for the creator to respond that way.

We are now waiting to see if Kojima and his teams will take the opportunity to announce this death stranding 2 a little earlier than expected or not.

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