Halo: what we already know about season 2

Filming will begin during the summer.

Canal + will broadcast this Thursday evening the last episodes of season 1 of Halo. But the big-budget series has already been renewed. The Paramount studio has ordered a season 2 for its Paramount + platform.

We know that it will be worn by a new showrunner, in this case David Wiener (passed by Fear The Walking Dead).

“With the first season, there were already a lot of pieces to put together. How to find the right kind of story Halo ? How do you navigate what has become the Silver Timeline? How to meet the expectations of the public and the players? We learned to make a series Halo and now we can really, really dig in and start tweaking and integrating other elements of the universe.s,” executive producer Kiki Wolfkill comments in Deadline.

Pablo Schreiber (Halo): “How I became Master Chief”

“I think we’ve got a bit more of a solid base because we’ve got a season behind us, and we can really start to explore. David is a brilliant writer and I feel like we’re hooked up on aspects of the game. universe we want to explore and on the tone.”

According to actor Pablo Schreiber, back in Master Chief, season 2 will be filmed this summer in Budapest. “We are on the right path” continues the producer without giving too many details. “The team is reunited, that of the first season and also new elements that have been added. We’re going to shoot soon.”

Season 2 of Halo should be broadcast in 2023 on Paramount + and in France on Canal +.

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