GSC Game World has now taken over development

The war in Ukraine has impacted many video game developers, including GSC Game Worldwhich was based in Kyiv, and which was in the final stretch in the creation of STALKER 2. Faced with this extraordinary and particularly difficult situation, the studio had taken the decision to stop its work in order to protect its employees, and aimed to relocate to Prague in order to complete the development in safer conditions.

Development can now continue

The Polish site today reports that the studio has visibly completed its transition, and that the development of STALKER 2 resumedas GSC Game World confirmed on its own Discord server.

It is still unknown what impact this forced break will have on the rest of the development of the title, knowing that STALKER 2 had been pushed back a few weeks earlier to set its release date for December 2022. We imagine that in such a situation, another postponement is not unthinkable, which would obviously be the least of the worries here, since the health and safety of members of the studio comes first.

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