George MacKay takes over the role of Gaspard Ulliel in The Beast, by Bertrand Bonello with Léa Seydoux

The 1917 actor joins this sci-fi film set in the near future where emotions have become a threat.

The filming of The beast had already been announced for this year, with Léa Seydoux and Gaspard ullielbut following the tragic death of the actor in a skiing accident, the director Bertrand Bonello (who had already directed them in Saint Laurent) had to find him a successor. It will finally be George McKay (1917) which will give the reply to the actress of The Life of Adelerevealed variety.

Shooting should take place this summer, in August, between Paris and California. Produced by Les Films du Bélier and Kinology (Annette), The beast will take place in the near future where emotions have become a threat. Seydoux will play Gabrielle, a woman who has decided to purify her DNA in a machine that immerses her in her past lives to erase her strongest feelings. But when she meets Louis (Mackay), and even if it seems dangerous to her, she feels a strong bond with him, as if she had always known him. The production depicts this project as “a genre-blending film, in the vein of David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Henry James.”

Gaspard Ulliel: “Saint Laurent is the role I was waiting for”

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