First image of Silent Night, the new John Woo starring Joel Kinnaman

The filmmaker’s first American film in almost 20 years (Paycheck, in 2003) is shot without dialogue.

silent night lives up to its title. Joel Kinnamanknown for the remake of Robocop, plays Godlock, an uneventful father who goes into the underworld to avenge the death of his young son, killed during a gang war on the eve of the holiday season. Shot without dialogue in Mexico City, its shooting has just ended, and its director, John Woo (About-face) can already teaser it via a first image: the production company Capstone Global is also present at the Marché du film, in Cannes, to find distributors for it all over the world.
In the photo, Kinnaman is driving a car, gun in hand and looking determined to avenge his son in the middle of the night… it perfectly illustrates the simple and effective concept of the film.

Kid Cudi, Harold Torres and Catalina Sandino Moreno complete the cast of this film which marks the return of the Chinese director at the controls of an American film. Yes Manhunt, Broken Arrow, About-Face or Mission: Impossible 2 enjoyed some success between 1993 and 2000, he has not shot a Hollywood production since Paycheckin 2003, returning to China to direct in particular big-budget historical films, such as The Three Kingdoms Where The Crossing.

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