Ezra Miller lives on his farm full of drugs and guns with three young children

It accommodates children aged 1 to 5 years and their mother, who defends it.

ezra Miller. continues to make headlines for his disturbing behavior. The actor of fantastic animals and of The Flash is the subject of a full article by RollingStone explaining that since his setbacks with the Hawaii police, who arrested him after the attack on several people in a karaoke, he returned to the United States with a 25-year-old woman in distress and her three children, aged 1 year to 5 years. They have been living since mid-April on his huge farm in Vermont, where he stores several firearms and makes drugs available to his guests. In particular Marijuana that he grows on his land, without having obtained approval from the State (the cultivation, sale and consumption of this type of grass is strictly regulated). Two sources preferring to remain anonymous say that the children are in danger by living there, the weapons and bullets being available: the 1-year-old girl even put a bullet in her mouth.

Ezra Miller accused of manipulating a young girl: her parents seek a protective order from the courts

The young woman reacted to the American magazine, explaining that the 29-year-old actor had on the contrary helped her, by keeping her away from “his violent ex” : “He rescued me, finally, thanks to him I have a more secure environment for my three young children. By welcoming us into his house, they help us heal. There are many guns to defend ourselves, but they are stored in a specific place in the house where the little ones never go. My children can rest more thanks to Ezra, who gives them security and feeds them.” The magazine challenges this last statement by referring to a video in which several weapons are available on the living room table.
Rolling Stones then says that it was the father of the children who alerted the press. In crisis with his ex-wife, he would be afraid for her and her children, but their relationship is strained: the young woman filed a complaint against him for domestic violence in May 2021, and a paternity test was also requested from the same period.

In recent months, Ezra Miller has already been accused of having an unhealthy behavior with a young girl he collected at his home and to whom he provided drugs in abundance (this time LSD). The parents of Tokata Iron Eye, who defines himself as non-binary (like the actor) talk about “violence, intimidation, fear, threats and drugs to influence their teenage daughter”. She has lived with him since she was 12 and he was 23, and like the mother of the young children, she defends their way of life in the press and on social networks, while her parents accuse the star of having a strong hold on her and a bad influence. This is in addition to the April 2020 video where he was seen strangling a fan of Harry Potter.

All these denunciations towards Ezra Miller put Warner Bros in the embarrassment, since the actor is the star of The Flash, the studio’s $200 million superhero flick. Its new CEO, David Zaslav, would no longer want to work with him once this blockbuster hits theaters in 2023.

Ezra Miller, actor of The Flash, could soon be replaced by Warner Bros.

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