Everything we know about Obi-Wan Kenobi season 2

Ewan McGregor “hopes to do another one”, but nothing is guaranteed yet from Lucasfilm.

He left alone in the Tatooine desert. Obi-Wan Kenobi has just completed its adventures in six episodes on Disney +. And for the moment, there are no plans for him to return. Series Star Wars was intended as a closed event and no season 2 ofObi-Wan Kenobi is in the pipeline at the moment.

To the chagrin ofEwan McGregorwho insists on English version of GQ : “I really hope we do another season. If I could do one once in a while, I would just be happy.”

How Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Ending Ties Into Star Wars Episode IV

Hayden Christensen is on the same wavelength and admits to being ready to take over Darth Vader’s helmet again: “This series was clearly designed as a standalone story. But I would love to continue with this character. You know, I think there’s definitely more to explore and I’d be so excited to be able to do that… I’d definitely be open to the idea of ​​returning for season 2 d‘Obi-Wan Kenobihe teases RadioTimes.

Except that for now, there is no question. The director of the series Deborah Chow ensures to EntertainmentTonight have done “a great story with a beginning, a middle and an end. So we didn’t think beyond that. If the series were to move forward, it would only be because we had an idea that deserves to do another season”, shouts Chow, who therefore leaves the door ajar: “If another season were to happen, it would be the same process to make sure there was a real story to tell. Ours obviously ties very much to the prequel, but I like the idea that there could be more stories that could unfold throughout the timeline.” she says in Total Movies.

In other words, not necessarily in a post-Episode III era. What if the series went back in time to tell an adventure of Obi and Anakin, carrying out a mission together for the Jedi, in the manner of what the animated series could tell Clone Wars ?

In any case, at Lucasfilm, we have other priorities for the moment. Kathleen Kennedypresident and executive producer, confirms in EntertainmentTonight that he was”decided to do Obi-Wan Kenobi in limited series. It was a choice. Now, if there’s a huge engagement and people really want more, we’ll definitely consider it because the fans are talking to us. If we find a good reason, why not. We will see…”

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