Doctor Strange 2 crushes the US box office and is already doing better than the first opus

On the other hand, catastrophic start for the remake of Firestarter worn by Zac Efron.

The magic of Marvel continues to captivate the US box office. For its second weekend in US theaters, Doctor Strange 2 obviously remains in the lead and has collected $61 million from 4,534 North American theaters. This marks a significant drop in attendance of 67% compared to its start, which is explained by the impressive figures of the first weekend, which was squarely the 11th best opening in US box office history.

Before playing Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch was almost Malekith, the villain of Thor 2!

After 10 days of exploitation, the Sorcerer Supreme played by Benedict Cumberbatch therefore accumulates 291 million dollars in North America, a score already well above the final result of his first personal adventure within the MCU, which ended at 232 million. $ at the US box office in 2016.

In the rest of the world, Sam Raimi’s film is doing just as well. Doctor Strange 2 totaled $688.1 million at the global box office, since its launch in 49 countries. Is already beyond the 677 million dollars of the first part, 6 years ago.

This undivided domination of Multiverse of Madness leaves only crumbs to the competition and in particular to Firestarter, the remake worn by Zac Efron. Stephen King’s new adaptation has burned its wings and only comes in 4th position (behind The Bad Guys and sonic 2) with only $3.8 million in receipts for its US box office debut (the film will arrive in France in early June). It should be noted that Universal had chosen to broadcast Firestarter simultaneously to subscribers of its Peacock platform.

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