Disney has two scenarios for Pirates of the Caribbean 6: one with Margot Robbie, the other without.

What about Johnny Depp? Jerry Bruckheimer confirms the writing of a sequel, but not the return of the star of the main saga.

While the trial opposing Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard set to end this week, Jerry Bruckheimer starts promoting Top Gun: Maverick. Two events that have a priori nothing to do, except that the two men did not escape questions about their frankness Pirates of the Caribbean, currently being rebooted at Disney. Nearby Sunday Timesthe producer thus confirms that a sixth opus is actually being produced, specifying: “Yes, we discuss it with Margot Robbie. We develop two scenarios of Pirates : one with it, and one without.” Do any of these scripts contain scenes with Jack Sparrow? His interpreter explained during the trial thathe did not intend to return to the saga after having experienced his dismissal badly, which he learned in the press. Bruckheimer confirms today that a return of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 “is not on the agenda. We will decide that in the future.”

Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp felt betrayed by Disney and would have liked to “say goodbye properly” to Jack Sparrow

In December 2018, Amber Heard published an op-ed in which she called Johnny Depp a “public figure representing domestic violence”. A few days later, Sean Bailey, producer at Disney, announced that the next Pirates of the Caribbean would happen without him: “We want to breathe new life into [à la franchise], he told the Hollywood Reporter. I love movies [de la saga], but one of the reasons why Paul and Rhett are so interested in the project is to be able to snub the saga. This is the mission I gave them.” Margot Robbie was then announced in the cast of the reboot in June 2020.

The star of the five blockbusters released between 2003 and 2017 at the cinema was questioned about it during the highly publicized trial which is taking place at the moment, by Heard’s lawyer – Ben Rottenborn. “The fact is, Mr. Depp, if Disney came to you with $300 million and a million alpacas, nothing on this earth would make you come back and work with Disney on a movie. Pirates of the Caribbeanis not it ?”he asked him in reference to comments made by Depp a few months ago. “That’s right, Mr. Rottenborn”, simply replied the actor. He also expressed his disappointment at being fired this way: “My feeling was that these characters needed to be able to say goodbye in due form. There is a way to end such a franchise…I had planned to keep going until it was time to stop. “ When the lawyer came out of the text messages in which he insulted the production, he justified himself: “My anger is that the script was very lazily written and I had to rewrite it.” He then recalled how much Jack Sparrow is close to his heart: “I incorporated my notes into the character and brought it to life, much to Disney’s chagrin. I wholeheartedly believed in the character, and initially the folks at Disney were somewhat upset.”

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