Cycling management/simulation game is available on PC

Presented a few months ago with Tour de France 2022the cycling management/simulation game Pro Cycling Manager 2022 was released last Thursday, June 9 on PC. Still developed by Cyanide Studio and published by Nacon, the title took the opportunity to broadcast a launch trailer giving an update on all the new features it is launching this year.

Some nice additions in perspective

As shown in the video, this episode promises to incorporate some interesting additions like a reworked talent detection system, a complete overhaul of runner stamina and resistance management mechanics as well as improvements to AI behavior to make it more offensive on the road. The “Cyclists” page present in the menus has also been modified.

For the rest, it’s classic, you have to take the team or the rider you’re leading to the top of the discipline by finding his place in the peloton through the 260 races and 680 stages included in the game Come on, stop chatting. In the saddle !

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