Cut! : Hazanavicius opens Cannes with a festival of laughter [critique]

The director of The Artist remakes a Japanese graduation film with a strong concept and signs a delirious comedy where his dirty kid side works wonders

We’re not going to lie. The start of Cut! scary… and not for the right reasons. In the zombie film that unfolds before our eyes, the more than hazardous acting of the actors raises our ears and lets us fear the worst. Before realizing that this is only the first round played by Hazanavicius with this remake of Don’t cut! (cult Japanese film released on the sly in France in 2019) which is based on a concept as simple as it is implacable. A waltz in three stages: first this zombie film where the approximation reigns supreme, then behind the scenes of its production and finally the making-of of the shooting, where we relive the first part under different angles. The result is irresistibly funny. Certainly the pleasure will be reduced for connoisseurs of the original. But after a command movie (The Forgotten Prince), Hazanavicius isn’t just handling this remake in cushy mode. He seizes it by revisiting his own journey. Cut! playing with a multitude of types of humor (physical, absurd, situations, jokes, etc.), there are scents of The American Classof My friendsofOSS and Formidable. The filmmaker releases his dirty kid side but never loses control, relying on the strength of his direction of actors (it takes talent on both sides of the camera to play falsely out of tune and Romain Duris, Bérénice Bejo, Finnegan Oldfield, Gregory Gadebois, Jean-Pascal Zadi & co are not lacking in it) and his desire to arouse emotion beyond laughter. This part divided our writing. But the festival of giggles that precedes wins the piece.

By Michel Hazanavicius. With Romain Duris, Bérénice Bejo, Finnegan Oldfield… Duration: 1h51. Released May 17, 2022

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