Christophe Gans: “The Pact of the Wolves remains a UFO of French cinema” [vidéo]

The director explains to us why he made a long and restored version in 4K of his film-sum, presented at Cannes 2022.

Released in January 2001, The Pact of the Wolves gathered more than 5 million spectators, and it was a kind of miracle. Revisiting the story of the Beast of Gevaudan by drawing inspiration from video games, kung fu and horror films, The Pact of the Wolves was a true triumph of cinema, which then became the bearer of the hopes of a revival of French cinema. It didn’t happen, and the movie “remains a UFO of French cinema”as explained to us Christopher Gans, met in Cannes where he presented the long and restored 4K version of his great work. Which will be released in theaters on June 10.

Pact of the Wolves: Extended and Restored Version Trailer

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