Chris Pine deeply regrets The Ryan Initiative

The star would like to see the spy on the big screen, but…

The Ryan Initiative returns this evening on C8, while its star, Chris Pinecarries two thrillers on Amazon Prime Video: The Knife by the Blade and The Contractor. Here is what he said about Kenneth Branagh’s film in 2014, shortly after its theatrical release.

Why Chris Pine is a Great Actor

“I don’t think the movie made enough money for that to happen.” Therefore Chris Pine was talking to Moviefone of the idea of ​​a sequel to The Ryan Initiativethe reboot/prequel to the Jack Ryan saga, CIA agent created by Tom Clancy. Chris thus took over fromAlec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, all of whom have worn Jack’s suit on the big screen. But the film’s critical reception was poor and so the film did not earn enough to warrant a sequel. “It’s one of my deepest regrets, we didn’t manage to do it well”continued Chris with sincerity. “It’s a great franchise, and I hope it gets a fifth life, even without me. It’s great. I love spy movies. I hope we do it again, with a great story.”

Chris Pine Is Jack Ryan: “I’m Not As Badass As I’d Like To Believe”

Chris is a bit harsh with the movie. OK, he wasn’t unforgettable but got lost wanting to be both Jason Bourne and James Bond. But there were qualities like Kevin Costner in the skin of Chris’ mentor, and the latter made a very good Jack Ryan, physical and nervous. Moreover, the film is not such a catastrophic failure since it brought in 135.5 million dollars on the planet. For a budget of 60 million, it is very correct. But that was not enough for the Paramount studio which, additionally scalded by the very very lukewarm reception of the film, did not validate a Jack Ryan franchise and launched a sequel, preferring to decline the saga. on television with John Krasinski. Director Kenneth Branagh quickly followed on the set of Cinderella for Disney…

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