Blonde: Andrew Dominik promises that his Marilyn Monroe biopic will “offend everyone”

Forbidden to children under 17, “the film does not depict happy sexuality, warns its creator. It depicts ambiguous situations.”

Andrew Dominick has already warned that his next film, Blonde hairthe biopic of Marilyn Monroe inspired by the eponymous book by Joyce Carol Oates, would “like this Citizen Kane had a daughter with raging bull. This shocking work, which depicts the discomfort of the Hollywood star and recounts in detail his personal and sexual setbacks, obviously inspired an equally striking film. Ana de Armas embodies Norma Jean in this Netflix production, which will be broadcast this year on the platform, with a ban on minors (NC-17 in the United States). A fully justified decision for the director of Killing Them Softlywhich confirms to vulnerability having made a film “ambiguous”which will not please everyone.

“I find that we respected the project, that we colored between the lines, he explains. If you put a group of men and women in a room to talk about their sexual behaviors, maybe the men will worry about what the women think. It’s just a weird time. The film does not portray happy sexuality. It depicts ambiguous situations. Simply put, it’s about a child who was unwanted and then became the most wanted person in the world. She couldn’t handle it all.” About the NC-17 ban, he adds: “It’s hard for people to choose. Who knows? On the one hand, I think if given the choice, I would prefer to see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story. Because we know that his life was borderline, clearly, given how it ended… Do you prefer to see the version that shows everything or rather the one that is smoothed out?”

It was once considered to show Blonde hair as part of the Cannes 2022 festival, but it will finally be screened at the Venice Film Festival next September. Where it is likely to make a lot of noise, recognizes its creator, even if for the moment, it has no official release date. No image has been released. “Netflix is ​​a big business and they have bigger plans than Blonde hairin which they invest more money, he details. They’re able to shell out $400 million for some movies, so coming out with $22 million for this one isn’t going to break the bank for them. I believe they just want to get their marketing plan in place before showing anything. Then we will see with them how they want to make this film known to the world. But I believe when it’s finally shown, everyone will be sick of hearing about it. Blonde hair.”

Andrew Dominik finally sees 2022 as a “interesting period” to go out Blonde hair. According to him, the fact of offering it to the public after the movement #MeToo gives it a special meaning, “because before that nobody cared about that stuff, what it felt like to be an unloved girl and be ground up in the massive meat grinder that is Hollywood. If there had come out a earlier, just after #MeToo, it would have been understood as an expression of all of that, but now I think people are a little lost about it, they don’t know where the lines are. movie that definitely has some morality to it, but they’re swimming in ambiguous waters at the same time. I don’t think it’s going to be as crisp and clean as audiences will want to see in it. It contains things that will offend everyone world.”

Ana de Armas: “A Cuban who plays Marilyn. I wanted to do it so badly.”

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